Nuvi...what? - The Nuvitron Electronic Fuel Economizer

More than a year ago, I wrote a blog entry sharing my thoughts on Pablo Planas' controversial yet popular gas saving device, the Khaos Super Turbo Charger (KSTC). That piece however, wasn't exactly a resounding endorsement of the KSTC. On the contrary, I came to the general conclusion that the KSTC isn't as effective as its marketers claim it to be, and that its popularity is more due to hype than to technical soundness. Quite ironic if you think about it. A technical flop, but a marketing success.

Interestingly, found among the comments for that particular blog post was a reference for another gas saving device invented by another Filipino, Perlito Cabauatan from Nueva Vizcaya, the Nuvitron Electronic Fuel Economizer (NEFE). Information regarding the NEFE has been quite scarce on the internet, and I was quite pleased when one of my rarely used inboxes turned up an email straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, as it was from Patricio Cabauatan, the son of the NEFE's inventor. He was kind enough to send some pictures of the invention itself and the inventor:

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A picture of the rather elusive gas-saving device.

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The inventor discussing the merits of the NEFE.

Unfortunately, the email did not contain any technical reference material, so I won't venture forth into another discourse on the scientific merits of the invention, at least at this time. Given its newness, let's just give the inventor the benefit of the doubt. I sincerely hope this turns out to be a more credible product than the KSTC. I've had my fill of products (and for that matter people) fueled solely by hype instead of effectiveness.

However, Mr. Cabauatan did share some contact information for those wanting to learn more about the NEFE. The company behind the NEFE is Nuvitronics Technologies Incorporated, which is based in Baguio. You can email them at He also gave his home address and some personal contact numbers, but in the absence of express consent I have refrained from posting them here at this time.

So what do I make from all of this? Clearly, the NEFE is issuing a challenge to the much hyped KSTC for the hearts and minds of all motorists who feel that they're paying too much for fuel. Being new to the market, the Nuvitron certainly has its work cut out for it if it wants to compete with the Khaos, but if science is on its side (and that's a big if), we may very well have a winner on our hands.

Of course, that remains to be seen. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
I had Nuvitron installed on my Mazda 1997. My immediate experience - reduced engine noise, more consistent idling (a common complaint in Mazda 90s Gen 1 & 2),smoother acceleration, helps avoid stalling when I miss changing to lower gear on uphill terrain (it gently slows down, if I fail to properly change gear the car continues running until it slows down to a crawl and eventual stop instead of the usual choke and bog down immediately if I forget to change gear).Yes, I should be more quick on the changing of gear or switch to automatic(lol). As for the fuel economy factor, I am still to observe and am optimistic. However, even without that, I am enjoying the effects I already mentioned. My car feels like it got an instant tune up. -

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