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Thanks for the memory....

Just recently upgraded my laptop's memory to 2 GB. Somehow 1 GB doesn't seem to cut it anymore, and memory is cheaper than it ever was, so might as well. Hopefully, disk grinding should be significantly reduced. And if it still isn't fast enough? Maybe I should just spring for that new Intel Core 2 Duo laptop. :-)

Message in a bottle....

Always check your softdrinks bottle before drinking the contents, especially those using recycled glass bottles. You never know what else could be in there. In this recent example, you can clearly see an empty instant coffee sachet floating inside.

My RAN Online characters....

nemesis922. Level 14x POW Swordsman. My first character. Nemesis means "an opponent which cannot be beaten or overcome". Nemesis in Greek mythology is also the goddess of retributive justice or vengeance. Favorite skills: Vacuum Slash and Tornado Slash.

amicus922. Level 12x INT Swordsman. Amicus in Latin means "friend". Favorite skills: Tranquility, Lightning Strike and Crescent Slash.

medicus922. Level 13x Full Support Shaman. Medicus is Latin for "doctor" or "physician". Favorite skills: Gift of Life, Resurrection and Spear Guardian's Wrath.

bellator922. Level 13x INT Brawler. Bellator in Latin means "warrior". It also means "warlike" and "courageous". Favorite skills: Blood Lust, Force Roar and Force Push.

vesta922. Level 13x Attack Support Shaman. Named after Vesta, the goddess of the hearth and domestic life. Favorite skills: Petrify and Infernal Punishment.

curio922. Level 10x Attack Support Shaman. Curio means…

Prayer for Bar examinees....

Lord God, the creator of all, and fount of all knowledge and wisdom, I implore you to guide me in my undertaking to become a lawyer.

Open my mind to absorb, remember and live the principles of law and justice distilled in my readings and in the lectures I attend.

I beseech you to illumine the thoughts of the bar reviewers so they could be your instruments in guiding me.

Fill me with your grace, so I would have a clear mind in identifying the issues raised in the bar questions. Give light for me to discover the correct, just and ethical answers to the bar questions so I could pass the Bar.

Finally, grant me the serenity to accept whatever is thy will and show me the correct path to take for your greater glory.


(This is a non-sectarian prayer written by Prof. Abelardo T. Domondon)

Good luck to all bar examinees!

Next year it'll be my turn again. Hopefully it will be my last.

Full text of Sarah Palin's speech....

Here is the full text of Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's speech made during the Republican National Convention held earlier today in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I have to say I was impressed. And I'm not even a Republican. Hell, I'm not even an American. John McCain is certainly lucky to have her as his running mate.

All in all, while Sarah Palin's speech may not necessarily be enough to prove that the has what it takes to be Vice President, much less that she's the best candidate for the position, it certainly establishes her as someone who doesn't pull punches and who's not afraid of a good fight. This will definitely makes the race a lot more exciting, and perhaps a lot closer than previously thought.

It's unfortunate we don't have politicians of her caliber here in the Philippines.

Mr. Chairman, delegates, and fellow citizens: I am honored to be considered for the nomination for Vice President of the United States..…

Follow me on Twitter....

I just created a Twitter account just to see what the fuss is all about...

But so far I'm not following anyone else, nor is anyone following me.

If you have a Twitter account, please feel free to follow me at (that is, if you're interested in following the life of what is perhaps the most boring person on the planet), or leave your Twitter address/e-mail address so I can follow you.

Who knows, you may find my life exciting. I sincerely doubt that though. :-)