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Registering Prepaid SIMs....

I'm not really a fan of Senator Tito Sotto, but I have to agree with him on this point.

Prepaid Subscriber Identity Modules used in cellphones, otherwise known as SIM cards, or just SIMs, should be registered.

The number of every prepaid SIM should be stored in a database, maintained by the network provider, along with the name of its primary user, and his or her address and/or other relevant information.

In the years that have followed the introduction of prepaid cellphone services, prepaid SIMs have become prevalent in the commission of various criminal acts, such as facilitating illegal transactions, text scams, the sending of death threats, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, and recently, as an instrument of terror.

Two days ago, an improvised explosive device or IED was planted and detonated inside a public bus along EDSA in Makati City. As of now, 5 have been confirmed dead because of the explosion, and around 13 injured. Authorities have identified the explosive device used as a…

Losing my edge....

I dunno. It seems I've forgotten how to write.

I used to be a prolific writer. I used to be able to write long-winded essays about anything and everything from the top of my head in a snap...nowadays, it would seem I can't be bothered anymore.

As a result, my blogging seems to have taken a downturn.

These days everyone's so into Facebook, and Twitter, into status updates and one really blogs anymore, except for the precious few who still consider blogging as an art.

In these times of ADHD, it seems no one has the patience to read full paragraphs of text anymore, instead preferring to read simple, quick and easy one-liners.

It's a shame really. I love writing. And now it feels I'm losing my edge.

I have tons of topics in my head I want to write about, but I can't seem to get myself to start. It's a waste though to just let these ideas rot away in some corner of my brain without giving them a chance to see the light of day...some of them may act…