At a loss for words....

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted an entry. I dunno. I guess my heart just wasn't in it.

It's not as if I have nothing to write about. In fact I have a lot of pending posts, as well as a lot more ideas in my head, just waiting to be translated into blog posts. But for some reason, I couldn't get myself to start or finish any of them.

Maybe it's blogger's fatigue, if anything like that exists. I've been fighting it off for several months now, but I suppose this is my worst attack. Almost three weeks without any new post. It was bound to happen I guess, I've been blogging for almost three years now, and just becomes a chore. Failing to update my blog has its negative effects, as my number of visitors has gone way, way down. But it can't be helped.

So what now? Is this a prelude to quitting blogging altogether? Probably not. I'm not into it at this time, but it doesn't mean that I'm quitting. I probably need some time to get my head back together again.

To those who keep visiting hoping for an update, my apologies. I'll get back to updating this thing soon enough, when I get rid of the kinks in my system.

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

And belated Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. :-)


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