What the heck happened to e-Games?

For almost two days now, RAN Online, and the rest of the other e-Games titles, portals and forum pages remain down.

Any attempt to log on RAN Online simply results in the following message being displayed:

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Logging on any e-Games website only generates a browser time out error and a blank page, as if e-Games simply did not exist on the web.

What gives?

I have always been critical of the shoddy service e-Games has been giving its customers lately (see previous posts here and here), but this recent development takes the cake.

Without any advisory or warning, e-Games' web presence has mysteriously disappeared, just like that.

It reeks of unprofessionalism and incompetence, and to my mind, simply unacceptable and definitely a perfect example of the wrong way to run a business.

I also find it a bit disturbing that most newspaper and magazine articles I read about local MMORPGs are filled with little more than hyperbole and unending praise, with nary a mention of the "dark side" of online gaming, that is, the issue of technical problems and shoddy customer support. Perhaps some of these gaming journalists who purport to be "objective" are on the take? Can anyone spell P-A-Y-O-L-A? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Think about it. While I'm not in any way suggesting that all gaming journalists are like that, truth be told, I have yet to read an article in any reputable local newspaper or magazine, even those publications solely dedicated to gaming, or local gaming websites which really criticize the proprietors of some online games for not giving their customers the quality of service and support that they deserve.

RAN Online is the country's third most popular MMORPG. I can only surmise that it got to No. 3 because of the tremendous player support, and not because of e-Games' less than stellar capabilities in supporting the title.

Clearly, e-Games has to get its act together, before waning player support shuts it down...permanently.

And the way things are, I wouldn't be really surprised if that actually happened.


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