Late even for half-day....

I was feeling out of the weather early this morning, so I decided to report for work at around noon. Unfortunately a convergence of circumstances forced me to abandon that plan, despite my efforts to make it.

I left home, and went my normal route of going through Tandang Sora towards Pasig via Katipunan. Tandang Sora was jammed, so I backtracked and tried going via Kalayaan and Aurora. It was also packed but moving. Eventually I made my way back to Katipunan just before entering White Plains. White Plains was packed, so I took the underpass going towards Libis. For some reason it was also packed. Diverted through Green Meadows but again, it was jammed as it entered Ortigas.

It was almost 1 PM. I should have been at the office 30 minutes ago.

At this point I gave up and turned around.

What a waste of time, effort, and fuel.

Some days don't you just wish that you stayed in bed?


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