Prayer for Bar examinees....

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Lord God, the creator of all, and fount of all knowledge and wisdom, I implore you to guide me in my undertaking to become a lawyer.

Open my mind to absorb, remember and live the principles of law and justice distilled in my readings and in the lectures I attend.

I beseech you to illumine the thoughts of the bar reviewers so they could be your instruments in guiding me.

Fill me with your grace, so I would have a clear mind in identifying the issues raised in the bar questions. Give light for me to discover the correct, just and ethical answers to the bar questions so I could pass the Bar.

Finally, grant me the serenity to accept whatever is thy will and show me the correct path to take for your greater glory.


(This is a non-sectarian prayer written by Prof. Abelardo T. Domondon)

Good luck to all bar examinees!

Next year it'll be my turn again. Hopefully it will be my last.


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