Back online....

After almost a week of having no wired internet access at my home, I'm finally back online, with a new ADSL modem and faster speeds to boot.

PLDT myDSL Modem
ZyXEL P-600 ADSL modem.

Being able to browse the internet at up to 1 Mbps almost makes the aggravation worth it, but to be perfectly honest, I still think PLDT's service still stinks.

It was around two months before they really took action on my request to migrate my account from legacy DSL to IPDSLAM, and it involved quite a number of phone calls before they really did anything. There's lack of coordination between their customer service representatives and technical personnel, field technicians wouldn't arrive when they said they would, or they would arrive unannounced, and no one even bothered to mention that my internet connection would be dead for a few days to a week while the migration was in progress.

Well, at least my connection is up and running again, and for that I'm thankful. As for their service and tech support, I would give PLDT a C-. While I appreciate the effort and the fact that they did manage to deliver as promised, their response times (Two months to act on a request? Six days with no internet connection?) definitely need improvement.

Of course this is PLDT we're talking about. I shouldn't really be expecting too much from them. And probably neither should you.


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