It's been a while....

It's been a while since I last posted something...

Haven't felt any motivation to blog lately...I don't know...maybe blogging is a dying art? And to think blogging hasn't been around that long.

These days the internet is mostly about Facebook and Twitter. Why bother writing long-winded essays when you can just publish one-line status updates? It doesn't seem like a lot of people nowadays want to exert the effort to commit their thoughts to keyboard, I mean really commit their thoughts...not just one-liners.

It can't be helped I guess. Things change.

Not many people I know blog or blog hop anymore. In the middle of the decade, which was just a few years ago, almost everyone I know was into blogging, into blog hopping, then having eyeballs with fellow bloggers. Then the most popular websites were Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress. Everyone seemed eager to share their thoughts and what not. Everybody wanted their blogs to be read. Alas, it seems the blog as we knew it is now dead.

Yes, there are still a lot of blogs around...but many have gravitated to being money earning enterprises...or found an area of specialization making it appealing only to a limited audience. The personal blog...unsubsidized, unsponsored, written with the earnestness and sincerity that only an thoughtful and insightful individual can muster...seems to be a dying breed.

Indeed, at times, I feel like quitting blogging altogether...and there are times that I've stopped blogging for months, only to come back again.

Oh well. No plans of quitting though. Just waiting for my motivation to come through.


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