10 Stupid things Pinoy drivers do to their cars....

I've been driving for 18 years now. I guess that gives away my age, but I doubt it if anyone gives a damn if I was born during the martial law era. In my 18 years of driving I've known other people who drive as well, and they range from those who consider driving just another way of getting from point A to point B, to those who live and breathe driving and cars. I guess I'm somewhere in between. If I were richer I'd probably be more of an automobile enthusiast than I am now, but I'm just an average Joe, content to be a least comfortable during my daily commute and to average more than 10 km/l, though I enjoy a nice long jab at the accelerator every now and then. I used to read a lot of car mags, but now the economy has relegated me to reading only local publications. Not that I'm complaining though, the quality of writing on local car mags has improved significantly since the early days. But enough about me.

This is a list of 10 stupid things that Pinoy drivers do to their cars. A couple of these I must have read from somewhere, though most of them are just from the top of my head, and I haven't read any mention of them as far as I know. If you fall under one of the categories, don't fret. To each his own. :-)

1. They install massive decklid spoilers. - A well integrated spoiler improves the lines of a car, but massive racing spoilers are not only an eyesore, they block rear visibility and increase weight and drag (and thus fuel consumption). Besides, how much downforce does one need while stuck in traffic in EDSA? And why would you even bother increasing downforce on a front-wheel drive vehicle?

2. They install badges for other makes on their cars. - Trust me, a BMW "M" badge does NOT look cool affixed to the trunk lid of a Civic.

3. They pile stuffed toys and dolls on their rear shelf. - The rear windshield was designed so that you can see what's their behind you, so what's the point of blocking your rear windshield with stuffed animals? Well, at least they'll cushion the impact if you reverse into anything.

4. They showcase miniature cars on their dashboard. - In the event of a massive front crash (God forbid), the small model cars you have on your dashboard will just make small car-like craters on your face.

5. They turn their front dashboards into religious shrines. - Nothing against religion, but, same as above, in the event of a crash those small figurines will just cause further injury if you smash into them. What's the point of having a padded dashboard if you put hard things on it?

6. They mount fake carbon fiber stickers on their hoods. - What's the point? The initiated will know they're fake straight away. The uninitiated won't give a crap. Same goes for the fake discs mounted on rear drums and fake hood scoops.

7. They cover the front windshield and windows with sunshades, newspapers, etc. when the sun is bright WHILE DRIVING. - Don't be a cheapskate and just buy decent window tint. Or at least a pair of sunglasses.

8. They drive with their hoods open. - Taxi drivers started this trend, when temperature gauges were replaced by idiot lights. It most likely increases drag, and probably doesn't really improve cooling. If the cooling system is well maintained, it'll be able to take the heat.

9. They mount super dark tint, then make cutouts for the side mirrors. - What's the point? Then just get lighter tint if you can't see through the dark stuff.

10. They cover up the rear high mount stop lamp with stickers. - It's a safety feature to complement your brakelights. Why mess with it?

That's all the comes to mind at this point. Maybe I'll add to this list if I think of any more. :-)


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