Could a culture thing?

Could it be that after a run of almost two years, I'm actually losing interest in blogging?


I used to be a prolific blogger, regularly making two posts everyday. Now I'm lucky if I can muster one a week. I wonder.

It's not that I don't have anything to write about. There are indeed a lot of things that I want to air my opinion on, and yet, for some reason, I haven't really felt like committing them to keyboard.

And it's not as if I'm busy. After my recent "adventure", I now have more than enough time to blog, if I choose to. But for some reasons unbeknownst to me I choose not to.

Perhaps it doesn't present much of a challenge to me anymore. Maybe I need to something else different to do. Maybe I've grown weary of it over the past several months.

Maybe I need a blogging hiatus. The irony is I don't believe in hiatuses (believe it or not, that's the correct plural term). I've grown weary of other bloggers going on hiatus, then then go back to blogging, then going again on hiatus then blogging again... It's like celebrities who announce their retirement, but keep coming back, unable to resist the allure of fame and stardom.

I don't think I'm going that far though.

Maybe it's the environment I'm in. Read the newspapers and there's just too much politics. I go to work, and there's also too much politics. No one seems to be bent on getting anything done, just politicking left and right.

And the present culture is getting me down. Everyone is insisting on getting their own way, the rule of law seemingly does not apply anymore, except to the weak and the poor. If you're wealthy or in a position of influence, obeying the law is relegated to being a mere option.

If I were to diligently blog over all the instances of the foregoing that I have read about in the papers or seen firsthand, I would have enough material to last me a lifetime. And for all those blog posts, it would still be vastly difficult to institute cultural change of any sort, not when this sense of being above the law emanates from the top banana herself (of course you know who I'm talking about), down to her lapdogs in Congress or in the Senate, down to the police, the COMELEC, nursing review centers and what have you.

Like I said, it's a culture thing.

And there are national elections next year. You can just imagine all the politicking and mudslinging that will crop up all over again, as it normally does every three years.

Even at work there are elections this week, as we vote for employee representatives in connection with our office's reorganization efforts.

Large scale or small scale, elections are proof at how divided we are as a people, and I don't see that trend changing anytime soon. We have as many candidates as there are interests, and boy do we have interests.

There's the left, the right, the extreme left, the extreme right, the liberals, the conservatives, the reformists, the traditionalists, the fencesitters...I could go on and on.

Sometimes it's a wonder we can actually get anything done.

Like blogging. Yeah. Must really be a culture thing.

I've read somewhere that if you get a dozen monkeys, put them in front of a dozen typewriters and let the type away for infinity, they'll end up typing all of the classics and then some.

Sometimes I feel that way. In a country seemingly run by monkeys, just banging keys at random.

And everyone knows, if you keep doing things at random, sooner or later you'll do something right.

Even a broken watch tells the time correctly twice a day.

Something to think about.

Well, I guess that wraps up this post. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get to post again...that is, if the culture doesn't get to me first. :-)


Lynn said…
Hey Ron,

I understand why you are having troubles feeling the blogging vibe. I have nothing better to do than blog. but I have had to really seek out bloggers that have the same writing interests as me. Many of the bloggers on my old list go months without posting. I guess it is the school cycle for most. Away from University in the summer and aways from blogging.

I have had to pinpoint my interests more for sure. I had to pick a loos format I would try to stick to. I chose to use a few memes to give me a break from the daily journalistic blog posts, so I could post some photos and would get stories from other bloggers in comments in return.

I am trying to define me now in my writing. What I am all about, and what I think is important, and what happens to my family. I shy away from the political retoric or newsy blogs.

I have connected with crafters, writers, blog problem figure-outers, and those who try to put down on paper what their personal little culture is and let it out there for others to see, and take an interest in.

International Flavour would be the theme I try for the most.

Maybe it is time to pic a couple of memes for yourself so you don't wrack your brain trying to find something you want to say EVERY day.
Ronald Allan said…
Thanks for the suggestions. :-)

I myself have shied away from the newsy format after some experimental posts, after realizing that there isn't much value in posting something which may be read about elsewhere. Now I only post about current events when I have an opinion or angle not discussed in mainstream sources.

I've also dabbled in esoterism and religion, but since there isn't any real resolution to such discussions, it doesn't really provide much closure.

And politics...I think I'm through writing about politics, at least for now. It's quite draining, and hardly anything changes despite the passage of time. Still the same old stuff which recycles itself every couple of months.

I guess you're right, it's about time I look at themes which cross borders, which anyone from any country can probably relate to.

One of latter posts reflect this, that is, if you like dogs. :-)

For now, maybe a few quizzes or memes to loosen myself up...

Thanks for the pick me up Lynn. :-)

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