More on the Nuvitron Electronic Fuel Economizer....

Here's a short historical and technical brief of the Nuvitron Electronic Fuel Economizer, a supposed fuel-saving device invented by Filipino Perlito Cabauatan.

Is this device for real, or is it nothing but hot air just like the Khaos Super Turbo Charger?

Read the following article and judge for yourself. If you're technically oriented and have your own theories on this device, please feel free to share them by posting a comment.

Thank you to Ms. Lani Cabautan for sharing this write-up with this blog.

Hope for the Filipino Motorists’ Plight


The birth of NUVITRON Electronic Fuel Economizer began when Mr. Perlito Cabauatan, a native of Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya, bought a second-hand Mitsubishi L300 Utility Van in 1997, and was irritated with the noise that the engine generated. Having graduated as a Radio Technician from the University of the East, and having served as a Radio Operator in Saudi Arabia for 15 years before coming back to the Philippines in 1997, his keen and sensitive auditory functions were very much bothered by the clatter of the van’s engine.

Armed with his passion for research, and his enthusiastic knowledge of electronics, he decided to work on a device that would address the noise concern. Thus the conception of NUVITRON Electronic Fuel Economizer.

Regardless to say, Mr. Perlito Cabauatan not only was able to reduce his engine’s noise to a steady purr, but he was also able to serendipitously discover a device that works miracles in terms of fuel consumption, harmful emissions, engine power, and so much more.


Liquid fuel molecules tend to cling to each other by their natural attraction. These particles pass through the fuel line in bunches or clusters. When they are fed into the combustion chamber, they are not completely burned resulting in polluted emissions detrimental to our environment.

NUVITRON Electronic Fuel Economizer applies digital signals at a scientifically specified rate so that there is no chance for the particles to coagulate. It forces the atoms to be freed from their orbits and makes them evenly spaced.

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Click on the picture for a larger view.

When the fuel is fed into the combustion chamber, most of the fuel is burned, reducing fuel loss, and resulting in almost total combustion. The results are big fuel savings, more engine power, less engine noise, and cleaner emissions.

The frequency produced by the device processes the fuel particles and increases their potency for easier combustion.

NUVITRON Electronic Fuel Economizer’s action on fuel is analogous to:

  • Chewing food properly for better digestion,

  • Chopping logs into smaller pieces for easier combustion, and

  • The use of ultrasound technology to dissolve kidney stones.


  • Fuel Economy of 20-30% or more – No fuel is left unburnt and wasted.

  • Better acceleration and more engine power – Because the vehicle’s engine is not pressured to process inferior-quality fuel.

  • Cleaner emissions - Due to enhanced fuel combustion.

  • Lower engine noise and lesser vibrations – Engine experiences lesser strain.

  • Adaptable to any engine – Gasoline or diesel engines; from motorbikes to 10-wheeler trucks.

  • Absolutely no mechanical manipulations are made on your engine – Plug-and-Play technology.

  • Upgradeable to special functions and purposes – NUVITRON’s design is applicable to land, water and air transportation vehicles.

  • Safe and lightweight – NUVITRON’s Auxiliary Unit puts no strain on the fuel line.

  • Very affordable and reasonably priced – At a retail price of Php 4,500.00 only, it is the most pocket-friendly, state-of-the-art fuel-saving device among its competitors!


Mr. Perlito Cabauatan’s vision of providing an effective means of alleviating the constantly rising cost of fuel and being able to help save the environment at the same time was made tangible when during the 2004 National Inventors’ Week, NUVITRON Electronic Fuel Economizer held its first exhibit at Philtrade in Pasay City.

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During the recently held 2006 National Inventors’ Week, NUVITRON Electronic Fuel Economizer with its new look and packaging was exhibited. This time, to promote awareness and to introduce it to motorists prior to its nationwide commercial release this coming December 2006.

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TK said…
We really can't say if it will work or not. An expert's opinion is needed to verify the details.

Incidentally, doesn't the illustration remind you of maxwell's demon? or is it devil? (must be "devil" since it's always in the details) okay it's a corny joke. be generous. it's Christmas.
Ronald Allan said…
Oh it's demon. Come to think of it, yeah it does have a resemblance.

Does that mean that this invention is a paradox as well? Well, we can only wait and see...:-)

Season's greetings pre.
Anonymous said…
been reading this think for the nth time and im interested about it...and i want to try to see if it really works... why not? to answer your doubts ...what do you think?
Ronald Allan said…
I say go for it. If it doesn't work for you, post another comment so that others may know and learn from your experiences.

As for me, the inventor was kind enough to send me a unit to try out. While I am unable to say with 100% certainty that it totally lives up to its claims, I estimate that it gave me somewhere in the area of 5% better fuel economy. Unfortunately, that is only a subjective guess, as I haven't been able to regularly monitor my car's fuel consumption to come up with an objective hard number.

Truth be told, 5% isn't really much, and may be within the margin of variance for normal operation with my car's make and model, but so far it seems consistent.

If you try it out, let me know the results.

I'm hoping I can find some independent scientific scrutiny of this device since I don't really have to equipment or resources to test the effectiveness objectively.

At this point, I can say that it seems to work with my car, at least marginally, with a perceived improvement of 5% better fuel economy on average. Obviously more testing is needed before we can make a final conclusion.
Anonymous said…
thank you sir for the push. Yeah! i'll keep in touch. whatever the result, neither a positive or a negative. I am very hopeful though.

To you sir, More power and to Mr. Perlito Cabauatan and his family, KUDOS!

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