So why do I still bother?

This blog is almost four years old.

It's no longer as popular as it once was, as I haven't been updating as regularly as I used to.

I don't really blog hop that much anymore either, so I haven't been getting many visits from my peers and contemporaries anymore.

Yet I still write when I have the chance.

There aren't as many people I can talk to as before as I sort of gave up slowly on some of my friends during the past few years, and the few friends that I still have, like most people, are busy with the humdrum of their own lives.

So blogging ends up as a form of catharsis for me, a chance to commit my thoughts to keyboard, to get my ideas in order, and free my mind of things that haven't really been sorted out, never mind if my posts are hardly read anymore. It was never really the point of this whole thing.

I started this blog for myself, and I have stayed true to that all these years.

A lot of my fellow bloggers, particularly those whom I started blogging with, have either quit blogging altogether or abandoned their blogs, perhaps due to a loss of interest, lack of time, or maybe have simply quit just because blogging is no longer the "in" thing to be doing on the web.

One of the fastest growing sites on the web is Twitter. In it, you can post updates, snippets, anecdotes, or one-liners, without the hassle of maintaining a blog, or having up to come up with an essay of sorts in order to come up with a viable blog post. Everything has a shortcut nowadays. Self-expression via the express lane. Why bother blogging when you can use Twitter instead?

Alas, in a world where everything can be made to go, I have still chosen to keep blogging. It works for me, so why bother changing?

For me, blogging is a very effective outlet, and I foresee it to continue serving that purpose even as I grow older. As more and more people around us seem to get more shallow and superficial, it is nice to be able to express some depth once in a while, even if no one reads, much less understands my posts.


bingskee said…
maybe it was not as popular as it once was but still, it was popular once.

blogging requires a blogger to reciprocate to keep the connection and communication going. i do not do this often, or rather i cannot do bloghopping as often as before because of many reasons(that do not need to be enumerated).

for me, blog friends will still be in my pages til the time they decide to stop and be totally inactive or when they delete the blog.
Ronald Allan said…
My exact same sentiments.

Glad to hear from you Bing. :-)

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