Free Image and Video Hosting

If you own a blog or website or sell stuff online and you're in need of a fast and reliable image or video host, sign up for free with Photobucket.

Here's what you get:

  • 1 GB of online storage for all your images and videos;
    10 GB/month bandwidth;

  • Direct-linking;

  • Ability to upload pictures using a mobile device or through email;

  • Uploaded images and videos can be made public or private;

  • Ability to directly post pictures to your blog;

  • Ability to automatically resize your photos upon uploading;

  • Maximum image size of 1 MB;

  • Option to order your uploaded photos on CD or DVD;

  • And did I mention its free?

If the free service isn't good enough for you (not likely though), move up to the paid Pro version and:

  • Get 5 GB of online storage;

  • NO bandwidth limits;

  • Maximum image size of 2 MB, and videos up to 10 minutes in length;

  • Upload files via FTP;

  • No ads; and

  • Get premium support.

Free or Pro version, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal for your image hosting needs. :-)

Join Photobucket Today!


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