I wish I had the time or inclination to post something more meaningful or substantial or interesting, but I don't.

I'm running out of time.

I'm not really worried though, I think I've done my part. Of course, I still don't think it's enough, so after posting this I'll be going back to my routine.

Well, whether I make it this time or not, I'll leave it all to whatever plans God has for me. I could prepare and prepare, but if according to him its not for me, then its not for me. But if it is, theoretically I could just quit what I'm doing and I'll still get through it.

Nah. God helps those who help themselves. And I better help myself if I want to do good.

It can be tiring at times, doing virtually what amounts to be the same thing day in and day out...

But if I pull it off, it would be all worth it.

I have a lot of plans if I make it. Sincerely I would really like to do things the right way and make things better for a lot of people.

Nowadays a lot of people treat this profession nothing more than a means of generating income, and their skills and qualifications as nothing more as tools to fleece poor people out of their hard-earned money.

Just like mercenaries. And its all legal. Ethical? Now that's a matter of opinion.

Hopefully I won't be like that. Hopefully.

But first things first. I have to get in the game first.

And that means going back to what I was doing a while before.



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