Mysteries of the Freemasons

Found these clips on Google Video.

Mysteries of the Freemasons is an interesting documentary on what is perhaps the world's oldest secret society. Is it a mere brotherhood? An ordinary gentlemen's club? The vestiges of a medieval order protecting some ancient secret? Or a shadow organization bent on taking over the entire world, as conspiracy theorists would like you to believe? Watch the clips and decide for yourself.


Turn off the background audio first at the bottom of the page before clicking the play button.

Part one. Mysteries of the Freemasons - The Beginning.

Part two. Mysteries of the Freemasons - America.


Jerry said…
nice videos bro. thanks for sharing.
if ur interested in docus, do check out nat geo's "freemasons on trial", just shown recently, but should be in google by now.

jerry torres
isarog lodge #33
mw glofthephils

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