More signs that you're a tech noob....

Here are even more signs that you may be a tech noob. God help me, I seem to be bumping into more of them everyday.

1. You try to measure the speed of your internet connection by sending an email to yourself (and actually timing it with a stopwatch);

2. You can't connect to your own wireless router because you don't know your own WEP/WPA key (and instead insist that the Wi-Fi adapter is broken);

3. You think a software firewall is the same as an antivirus program;

4. You think the "NO SIGNAL" message on your monitor means something is broken on your PC...when the monitor cable just worked itself loose;

5. You buy an expensive optical mouse only to use a old piece of corrugated cardboard as a mousepad;

6. You believe that a fast CPU means your PC will be fast at everything;

7. You expect a $1000.00 notebook to be twice as fast as a $500.00 one;

8. You believe a cheaper CPU is "less durable" or "less reliable" than a more expensive one;

9. You expect to be magically connected to the internet anywhere you are as long as your notebook's Wi-Fi adapter is turned on.

10. You still believe that old marketing crap about a CPU being faster simply because it has a higher clock speed.

It's not my intention to put down other people just because they may not be experts when it comes to computers and technology in general. I don't know everything there is to know about computers myself. But I am annoyed by people who think they know everything when it comes to computers, insist on their own, often fallacious, misguided beliefs, and worse, force their opinions on me. For some reason, I've been encountering quite a lot of them lately. And with computers and other gadgets getting more affordable by the day, I'll no doubt bump into more of them in the future.

Wearing a diver's watch doesn't make a person into a diver. Owning a 4x4 doesn't make a person a serious off-roader. In the same vein, owning a PC, no matter how expensive it is, doesn't make a person into a computer expert as well.


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