People are strange....

People are strange.

I'm slowly creeping up on middle age and yet I still get blindsided at times by the sheer absurdity shown by some people.

Just when you think you've seen it all.

The irony is, I'm a loner. Left to my own devices I'll probably stay on my own. I have a fair number of friends (too many if you ask me), but if it were all up to me I'd rather avoid them all. You go out of your way to help someone, to share your experiences, your expertise, to provide company, and for some reason you still get burned in the process.

Or maybe it's just because I have the wrong friends.

Don't get me wrong, most of my friends are nice, intelligent people. It just gets tiring sometimes adjusting to each and everyone of them. Most of you are thinking that I shouldn't adjust, that I should just be myself, and that's probably correct. The thing is, I was always a fairly easy going type of person, and for me it has never really been a big deal to accept the various nuances and idiosyncracies of most people. That's me. I'd gladly give up ground if it would make everyone happy and comfortable, but if I know I'm right, and the situation calls for it, I wouldn't have second thoughts about taking ground from anyone else. Most of the time I don't even have to be right. Hey, like everyone else I'm entitled to my own opinion. But if my opinion isn't respected for what it's worth (which really isn't much since an opinion, is well, just that), then there's no point in keeping up pretenses.

Really, I can take abuse as well as the next guy, but sometimes enough is enough. It's not always about being right. Sometimes it's just about you respecting the bloke right next to you, which isn't too difficult really, as long as the bloke respects you back.

It's strange that some people would rather be right (even if they're not) than have friends, not that it always has to be a choice between the two. Of course you can opt to turn a blind eye towards it, but sometimes, you just can't...or you just don't feel like it.

Well, whatever. Not that it's a big deal anyway. It's just...strange.


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