Save the Earth? Bullsh*t!

I getting sick and tired of all the hooplah about "saving the planet" and BS like that. It seems like everyone is getting on the green bandwagon, from politicians, celebrities, even that guy I don't know from around the corner is obsessed about doing his bit in order to prevent climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it.

The thing is, I think this is nothing but a whole lot of crap, meant to ease our conscience as we continue wrecking the planet by using up its limited resources and dumping noxious poisons into our skies and oceans.

Am I saying global warming is a myth? No, definitely not. It is a reality attested to by eons of geologic records. Global warming is a cycle that the Earth goes through every 40,000 to 100,000 years or thereabouts. What this means is that, whether we do anything or not, the Earth will definitely warm up, as this is what it has been doing for several million years now. Maybe we can slow it down, sure, but stop it? I don't think so.

So what does this "save the planet" mantra really mean for us?

For me it simply means that mankind, in all its arrogance, has proudly claimed itself as responsible for this phenomena and likewise responsible for preventing it...when in truth and in fact there is probably nothing we can do to stop it. The millions and millions of tons of greenhouse gases that we have pumped into our atmosphere have definitely sped up the process of warming up the planet, but make no mistake, global warming will happen, regardless of whether we all turn green or not.

What I'm particularly annoyed at is the way that we have labeled ourselves as saviors, as guardians of the Earth, that it is up to us to save the planet. The less glamorous truth is that we are not in any way saving the planet, we are merely saving ourselves. Earth has been here for billions of years before the first human ever stood up on two legs...and it will continue to exist for billions more even after the last person has died and turned to dust. The Earth has withstood innumerable cataclysmic events and mass extinctions, and it still endures.

How can we be so conceited so to claim that it is up to us to save the planet? Earth isn't dying, it is merely reacting to the irresponsible way that we have been treating it. The planet doesn't need saving, mankind does, and if we don't clean up our act real soon, we stand in real danger of wiping ourselves out. Maybe not anytime soon...but eventually.

The sooner we realize what we humans really are in the grand scheme of things...maybe then, we can save ourselves...and perhaps clean up the mess we made of this planet.


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