Top ten signs that your job has sucked the life out of you:

10. You rush to work in the morning so you can sleep in the office;

9. You have more friends among your colleagues on Facebook than in real life;

8. Your only motivation for going to work early is to find a free parking slot;

7. You take a nap before punching out because you don't want to go home tired;

6. You can't decide what movie/TV series episode to watch on your PC;

5. When you consider printing sick leaves as an "accomplishment".

4. You start thinking of office supplies as "relief goods".

3. You're starting to think the janitor/janitress/elevator operator/security guard looks hot;

2. The highlight of your day is harvesting your crops at Farmville;

And at number 1:

1. You're reading this instead of doing your work.

Haha. Bato bato sa langit. :-)


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