Dont u just h8 txtspk? Txtspk 1st came abt as a mins 2 abbrevi8 words wyl txting so as 2 make txting fastr and mor eficient. Un42n8ly, ppl now use txtspk vir2aly evrywer, from 4ums, 2 FB posts, 2 twiter, chatrums, and even evryday comunicatns. Frankly, i find it very anoying. Nowadays, 1 can get away w/out lerning 2 spel bec hardly any1 boders 2 spel korekly anymor. I tink its a bad influens on kids 2day, sins dey trit txtspk as a norml mode of comunicatn, at d expens of korek speling and gramar.

Jus dis morning wyl drivng i was lstning 2 dis radio jok complain abt a lot of der listnrs using txtspk 4 der gritings and msgs, and she cud hardly undrstnd d msgs she was rcving.

Der r tyms wer it is aceptbl to cut cornrs. Howvr, propr comunicatn shud not b among dem. Kids hu gru up w/ txtspk may rgue dat as long as u r undrstud its ok, and deyd b rite. D ting is, not evry1 can undrstnd txtspk. Im not dat old, and was among d 1st 2 use txting as a mins of comunic8tn wen it 1st came out in d 90s, but i stil hav sum dificlty undrstndng sum msgs, specialy w/ sum hrdcore txtrs hu even rely on aLtErNaTiNg SmAl aNd CaPiTl LtRs JuZ 2 mAkE dEr MeSaGeS cUtR. dIs iS gIvInG mE a HeDaKe. NoRmAl TxTsPk WiL hAv 2 Do Fr HeRoN.

I hav nuthin agenst txtspk, I use it myself as wel 2 spd up txting. Howevr, txtspk shud just be usd for txting. Use it 4 anyting els and it bcums mor trobl dan its wort. And der I say, its downrt rude espcialy if ur not sur if d oder persn undrstnds u or not. It makes u apir inconsidr8.

Dats enuf of dis. I nid 2 take an asprin.


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