e-Games-PLDT DSL problems....

After talking a number of times with different e-Games support personnel and browsing a number of different forum sites (like this one), it turns out that the reason why I couldn't log on RAN Online or any of e-Games' websites is because e-Games is having connection problems specifically with subscribers of PLDT's myDSL service. Apparently subscribers of different ISPs are not affected, as far as I know.

So, the bottom line is, if you want to play RAN Online, or at the very least log in any e-Games website and your ISP is PLDT myDSL, tough luck.

I've tried refreshing my connection so my router can obtain a new IP address, but it still doesn't work. Nothing does. And it's strange, because other than the fact that I can't seem to access e-Games' web servers, my internet connection is perfectly fine. If it weren't for the fact that I play RAN Online, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

I can log on on virtually any website in the world, and yet I can't connect to a number of websites belonging to a solitary company. Somehow I'm inclined to think that the problem lies on e-Games' end. I've been a subscriber of PLDT myDSL for several years now, and while it has had its share of problems, it has never singled out any particular website with which it couldn't connect. Now, I have this rather strange situation in which I can't connect to one company site and one company site alone. It seems perfectly logical to assume that someone at e-Games has screwed up...again.

It started about four days ago. I logged off RAN Online after an emergency server restart was announced. I haven't been able to log on ever since, much to my consternation.

To make matters worse, the customer support personnel of e-Games seem to be oblivious as to the real cause of the problem, much less any possible solution. All they can offer to do is get my IP address and location for purposes of determining the extent of the problem, but for any real solutions, they seem to be as mystified as I am. All I can do is wait, and occupy my time with other pursuits, which is probably just as well.

It's just disappointing that e-Games is doing a piss-poor job of providing service to it's customers. For several months now it has been faced with connection problems and software glitches, which is only exacerbated by the absence of any really meaningful technical support. A shame really, considering the immense popularity of its online games, especially RAN Online.

Now the pressure is on e-Games to fix this problem. The number of PLDT myDSL subscribers who happen to be e-Games customers is significant, more so if you factor in that a majority of internet cafes and LAN shops who cater to gamers playing e-Games' online games connect to the internet via PLDT myDSL.

The thousands of players who couldn't connect represent what will probably amount to be a huge revenue loss for e-Games. Needless to say, if I were running the company, I'll probably end up firing someone because of this.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. e-Games definitely needs to get its act together. So far it has been nothing but one technical problem after another, exacerbated by poor technical support and what I can only assume to be incompetent technical people.

Maybe e-Games President Steve Tsao should seriously consider skimming some money from the millions of pesos of revenue it generates thanks to its loyal player base, and seriously consider spending it on better hardware, better network connections, and more competent technical people, instead of concentrating on marketing and sponsoring all those events.

Fail to nip this in the bud, and we can expect e-Games' client base to evaporate into nothingness, just like the 2x resurrection training rosary which I bought with my hard-earned money that ended up being wasted because of this.

Given today's cutthroat market, one shouldn't expect to provide poor service and stay in business.

In the meantime, may they should just change the name of RAN Online to RAN Offline. The latter is probably more appropriate.


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