Finally! I can access e-Games sites!

After almost five days, I was finally able to log in e-Games' web servers.

While I'm definitely relieved that I was able to access my e-Games accounts, the experience nonetheless has left a bad taste in my mouth. The bottom line is, the less than stellar service and support of e-Games to its customers still leaves me extremely disappointed.

Apparently, a lot of other e-Gamers feel the same, as my posts relating to e-Games' troubles have seen higher than average traffic lately, indicating that dissatisfaction with e-Games' quality of service has grown beyond its internal forums and has spilled over into the internet at large.

I'm taking this topic to heart for several reasons - firstly because of my personal stake as player of RAN Online, and secondly, the perpetual complaints against e-Games' services represent virgin territory as far as our local legal system is concerned. As an advocate of the legal profession and soon to be (hopefully) a member of the Bar, there are a lot of circumstances in these events which are, to my mind, ripe for legal intervention, and perhaps, even regulation.

Not that I am totally blaming e-Games. It is understood that running a MMORPG of this scale makes technical problems more likely than not. But of course, we have to strike a balance between technical issues and consumer rights, and the rights and responsibilities of both e-Games and its players.

Needless to say, I think more will be written, and much more will be said with regard to this issue in the days to come.

If there are any e-Gamers out there who would like to give their two cents worth, please feel free to do so. If there is anything that needs explanation, whether legal or otherwise, I will try to explain my perspective in an honest and objective manner.

For those who have offered their support, I give my thanks.

And if anyone from e-Games can read this, please, please get your act together. And please do not alienate the very people who have contributed significantly to the success and growth of your company by trampling over their rights as consumers.


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