Too much politics....

*sigh* Been somewhat busy lately, as a result I missed posting an update yesterday.

It's quite a shame, since there were a lot of blog-worthy topics to write about the past couple of days. Maybe that's the problem. With just too many things to potentially blog about, I guess I momentarily lost focus.

Ironically enough, most of what I wanted to write about involves the current state of Philippine politics.

Among the topics that I wanted to blog about were Solicitor General Alfredo Benipayo's resignation, speculated to be connected to his less than stellar defense of the controversial Proclamation No. 1017. But then again, it certainly wasn't an easy task to defend such a questionable order. Who knows? Maybe his conscience indeed got the better of him, prompting him to quit.

I also wanted to write about the recent survey results released by Pulse Asia which revealed that virtually six out of every ten Filipinos want President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step down. But there's actually nothing new about that. If anything else, the survey results only serve as a confirmation of the sentiments of the people regarding our current leadership. As usual, MalacaƱang has downplayed the significance of the survey results by saying that the present administration is more concerned about doing the right thing than doing what is popular. While that justification is certainly valid, personally, I'm inclined to think that there's a limit to one can do without popular support. The President should represent the collective will of the body politic, as that is the essence of a democracy. If her leadership runs askew of the will of the people, well, history has shown us that this scenario never works out in the long run.

The military has also joined the political bandwagon, claiming themselves to be the glue that holds the nation together. And sadly, they seem to have a point. One can only be dismayed by the apparent fact that the support of the military is a vital condition for any form of civilian government to remain in power. This despite the provision in our Constitution which states that civilian authority always reigns supreme over the military. Well, apparently not in this reality. If you have your doubts, one should only look back to the first and second EDSA revolutions. Both had the support of the military, hence their success. EDSA Tres and the supposed attempted takeover last February 24 didn't. That's why President Arroyo is still in power. One has to hand it to her. She did her homework.

Even the political opposition is feeling the pressure. Senator Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel has been branded an "enemy of the state" in a video documentary released by MalacaƱang which details the supposed attempt by the military in cooperation with leftist rebels to topple the present government. It seems that as far as the Palace is concerned, freedom of expression doesn't include with it the right to criticize the administration.

And that's just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

I don't know. I just don't know.

Too much politics. That's what's wrong with this country. No one is willing to give an inch, and everyone has his or her own half-assed interpretation of the law. Never mind if it's legal or not.

Not to mention a government which is so thin-skinned so as to interpret any criticism directed against it as inciting to sedition or rebellion. And our rights. Our rights! What the f*** happened to our rights?

*sigh* I really should find something else to blog about. All this politicking is giving me a headache.


snglguy said…
Pare, just write whatever's inside of you. Like what you do best. Whether we like it or not, politics is deeply ingrained in our society. It affects all of us, especially these days.

I sometimes write about what I feel with regards to our country's present situation coz it's the only way to get it out of my system. And whether the readers agree with me or not that's another matter....

Besides, it's fun whipping those politicians in our blogs. :D
domingo said…
"65% favor GMA quitting"—headlines, 17 March 2006, Pulse Asia survey.

GMA was "proclaimed elected" after canvassing by Congress with a vote of around 39% of total votes cast, which means that about 61% of the electorate during the 2004 elections did not vote for GMA.

Certainly, the 61% who opted to vote for the other candidates in 2004 would not mind if GMA quits now.

The 65% who now wants her to quit in 2006 is only about 4% over the 61% in 2004 who never wanted her to be President in the first place.

Is a difference of 4% (at 3% margin of error and 95% confidence level) really significant?

How about the "intensity of preference" for or against her quitting, has it been measured too?

I wonder.
Ronald Allan said…
Astute analysis. Certainly speaks volumes about the pitfalls of a multi-party system wherein a candidate can be elected to the highest position in the land merely via a plurality of votes.

The only conclusion we can draw, I suppose, is the fact the GMA never had the public trust of the majority when she first ran, and neither does she have it now. In fact, she's even losing the little trust she has now.

She has had two years to improve her public perception. No dice.

In the long run, the 4% may not be significant. It simply doesn't change the fact that the majority don't like her.

As for the "intensity of preference", nah. I don't think it has been measured, I don't think it can be measured.

It probably wouldn't matter. She's still there in the palace. She just shouldn't expect people to like her though. The people never did.
domingo said…
It was Congress that "proclaimed elected' Gloria; and, hence, it was Congress that bestowed her "legitimacy" as President.

Even if, indeed, Gloria cheated during the elections as now claimed, she did not force her way to the seat of power; all she did was merely to accept the proclamation of Congress graciously.

So, even if she cheated, why lay the blame on her ALONE? How about those the Filipino people entrusted to "canvass the votes" they cast?

No congressional proclamation; no "legitimacy."

My wish, let's kick ALL TRAPOS OUT!
Ronald Allan said…
I couldn't agree with you more. :-)
rain said…
People of the Phils to PGMA:" I wish I knew how to quit you!" :-)

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