3G? 3.5G!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingStarting today, Globe Telecom will be unveiling it's 3G, no, make that 3.5G mobile services to all its subscribers, prepaid and postpaid alike.

While Smart Communications may have beaten Globe to the 3G punch (see previous post here), clearly Globe isn't down and out, and is now coming up with a high bandwidth salvo of it's own.

What's the difference between 3G and 3.5G? While 3G has a maximum bandwidth of 384 Kbps while having a usable peak speed of up to 250 Kbps, 3.5G tops out at a whopping 1.8 Mbps with an actual usage peak of up to 1.4 Mbps. That's almost four times as fast as 384 Kbps DSL.

Globe's 3.5G service, otherwise known as Globe Mobile Broadband 3G with HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) is slated to be available today, in selected coverage areas around the country. Check with Globe's 3.5G site for details.

And don't fret. From what I've read, the rates are affordable, that is to say, they have a virtually identical pricing scheme as with regular voice calls (except for the promos) and packet data transmission. Let's just hope it stays that way. Who knows? Prices may even be lowered in the future.

So maybe it about time to move up to a 3G handset, eh?

My only problem now is, who should I make a video call to? I've hardly even used my PC's webcam. :-)


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