Six years later....

Last year I posted an entry about a photo I took of my son in 2000 entitled "Lakeside Serenity". He was just three at the time. That photo was, and still is, one of my favorite photos of my son. In case you missed that one, here it is again:

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Lakeside Serenity.

After more than six years, my son and I went back to the lake and we tried to locate that very same spot. Things were a bit different, but I think we hit it pretty close, except for the angle, which was a bit off. Nonetheless, I think its close enough:

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Lakeside Serenity. Plus 6.

I guess a lot has changed in six years. The trees seem taller, but the small hut-like structure is still there in the distance.

Technology has changed a lot too. The earlier photo was taken using an old 35 mm film camera (Minolta Riva Zoom 105). The latter one was taken using a 2 megapixel camera phone (Nokia N70).

I guess there's something to be said about change. Yes, change is constant. But if you give pause for a little while and looked around, and I mean really looked around, you'll notice that some things are still the same. And oftentimes, the things that stay the same are those which truly matter.

Maybe in another six years, my son and I will do this again. :-)


rain said…
it's cute...i like the most recent pic though because of the quality..but the story itself remains...who knows, baka mga apo mo na ang next mong i-post dito!
melai said…
nice one ronallan :) galing nung idea ng entry :)
Ronald Allan said…
Thanks people. Glad you liked the post. :-)
silentmode_v2 said…
nice mood and idea ser!

i like both... the first photo has the mood while the second has the clarity. both have a strong composition.

six years is a lot of patience and im glad you keeping it up as a tradition. can't wait for another six. :)
Ronald Allan said…
Ey Jeff. :-) Coming from an expert like you, that's quite a compliment. :-)

Alas, I wish the second pic was clearer. Then again, it was past 5 in the afternoon, and the limitations of using a camera phone became readily apparent in the dwindling light.

Thanks man for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the pic. :-)

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