Blowing smoke....

I know as much as anyone that smoking is bad for your health, but lately I've had to resort to it (well, along with coffee, tea and cola) as a means of maintaining my concentration and keeping my mind alert as I read what seems to be pages and pages of text.

While it does help in this regard, it doesn't really change the fact the excessive smoking can be hazardous to your health. Is there a way to get the stimulant effects of smoking while eliminating the potential health hazards? Probably not. Smoking is dangerous however which way you cut it. But if you must smoke, I recommend you try using minifilters. Minifilters are the small plastic devices you attach to the end of cigarettes which trap tar and nicotine from the inhaled smoke.

While I doubt that such filters will make smoking a safe activity, it does seem to work as far as significantly reducing the tar and nicotine in every puff. Take a look:

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Here's a David Ross branded minifilter, fresh out of the box.

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Here's how the minifilter looks like, after going through about a pack of West Ice cigarettes.

To ensure that you do benefit from using minifilters, avoid smoking more than you usually do. Otherwise, you'll be compensating for the decrease in the inhaled tar and nicotine by just smoking more cigarettes.

Of course, I'm not by any means recommending that people smoke. If you're a smoker, and if you want to lower your nicotine and tar intake, perhaps as a stepping stone to quitting altogether, minifilters may be of help. If you don't smoke, do yourself a favor and don't learn.

As for me, I'll be quitting in a few months time. By that time I would have gotten my readings and exams out of the way. Until then, perhaps this is a way I could have my cake and eat it too.

Warning: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.


Lynn said…
Hi Ron,

Thanks for stepping by my blog.
I understand where you are coming from about the smoking thing.
I have never smoked. Yippee to me!
But both of my parents smoked over one pack of stong cigarettes a day. They each have health probs because of it. But my Mom's Dr recommended she take 2 puffs of a cigarette each morning eventhough she has quit. Aparently the cigarettes stimulated a dopamine burst on the first drag of the smoke. There is no positive effect after the intitial drag, but the dopamine helps the post addicted body. Mommy smokes one cigarette spread over 5 days now. Two puffs in the morning like medicine.
Ronald Allan said…
That's something isn't it? Being required by the doctor to take two puffs a day. Kinda like glaucoma sufferers allowed to smoke marijuana. :-)

Well, thankfully, I was never that much of a smoker. Only learned in my (very) late twenties, and really am more of a social smoker more than anything else.

Now, because of my studies, I average anywhere from 3-8 sticks a day of a light/medium brand.

I'll probably stop again after. I did several times now, only to puff up occassionally when I'm bored. :-)

Glad to drop by your blog lynn, and happy to see you visit here as well. :-)
Lynn said…
I mentioned you in my post today

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