Happy Father's Day!

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CL said…
Happy Father's day Ron. Did you have a good time?

One thing about celebrations - "the added extra pounds". We had a good time. Yesterday featured: Steam Mussels, shrimp cocktails and Roast Beef (Chinese Buffet Restaurant)

Off topic here, I see you've added track co.mments. Cool. Try cocoment as well. I've got few new add-ons for bloggers in which you may want to consider adding. See the topic on the right sidebar.
Ronald Allan said…
Thanks CL! :-)

I'm kinda on a diet nowadays. Trying to get rid of some excess pounds in time for the holidays. :-)

Thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out. Sorry if I haven't been blogging or bloghopping as often as before, had to hit the books for the next few months. With any luck, all of this studying will pay off. :-)

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