Baby body used in drug trafficking?

Yesterday I received the following forwarded email from at least two people:

My sister's co-worker has a sister in Texas, who with her husband was planning a weekend trip across the Mexican border for a shopping spree.

At the last minute their baby sitter canceled, so they had to bring along their two year old son with them. They had been across the border for about an hour when the baby got free and ran around the corner. The mother went chasing, but the boy had disappeared. The mother found a police officer who told her to go to the gate and wait.

Not really understanding the instructions, she did as she was instructed. About 45 minutes later, a man approached the border carrying the boy. The mother ran to him, grateful that he had been found. When the man realized it was the boy's mother, he dropped the boy and ran himself. The police were waiting for him and got him.

The boy, dead, in the 45 minutes he was missing, was cut open, ALL of his insides removed and his body cavity stuffed with COCAINE.

The man was going to carry him across the border as if he were asleep.

A two year old boy, dead, discarded as if he were a piece of trash for somebody's cocaine.

If this story can get out and change one person's mind about what drugs mean to them, We are helping. Please send this E-mail to as many people as you can, if you have a home PC send it out there too.

Lets hope and pray it changes a lot of minds. The saddest thing about the whole situation is that those persons who suffer are innocent and people we love........

God Bless you in this united effort to spread the word. You just might save a life!

Thankfully, after some checking, it turns out that this story is nothing more than a three decade old urban legend. :-)

It supposedly first came into light in 1985, though it has been going around as early as 1973. It initially surfaced on the internet in 1996. According to United States Customs and police officials, this never happened. See details of this urban myth here, and here.

I guess some people are just prone to believing everything they read on the internet.

We can all rest easy now, well, as far as this myth is concerned. Just to recap, this story is not true. No need to lose sleep over it.

Of course, this story need not be true for use to realize the evils of illicit drugs.

Stay away from drugs! :-)

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snglguy said…
Notice that these so-called true stories always happens to a friend of a friend and never to someone you actually know?
Ronald Allan said…
I guess that's just how urban legends are. :-)
ivanhenares said…
But if it were true, how disgusting!
Ronald Allan said…
Not only that, it would have been so cruel...

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