Old and tired....

I must be getting old. Let me correct that. I am old. Is 33 old? It sure feels like it sometimes.

The Father of the Katipunan Andres Bonifacio died at 33 (1863-1897). Alexander the Great died at age 33 (356 BC-323 BC) The Oklahoma Bomber, Timothy McVeigh, was 33 when he was executed in 2001 (1968-2001). Jose Rizal died when he was about 35 (1861-1896). Actors John Belushi and Chris Farley died at 33. Even Jesus Christ was somewhere in that age bracket when he was crucified (8-2 BC - 29-36 AD).

Well, except for Timothy McVeigh who caused a lot of needless death and destruction, each and everyone of the names above managed to change the world or at least leave some legacy by the time they were in their thirties (arguably, McVeigh did that too, albeit in a negative way).

And me?

Am I dying? No, not really, except for the usual rate.

Could it be that I have passed my prime without realizing it?

Did life just pass me by without me being able to make a useful contribution to mankind?


Just about at the halfway mark for the average lifespan of Filipinos nowadays, and yet, still a lot of things to do, a lot of dreams unfulfilled.

It can be quite tiring, pursuing one's dream.

But that doesn't really mean that we should give up, right?

I guess I just need some balance in my life.

Maybe I should date someone younger. :-D

I must be getting senile in my old age...:-)


CL said…
Hi Ronald,

Age is just a number for the mortal "us" and as Mark Twain perfectly quoted, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.”

I intend to explore life to the max at 45 this year and this ox will attempt to dare whatever it is that blocks her pathways. Think of the Daredevil’s stunt eh! I hurt my knee trying to skateboard at one of the parks here the other day with my son and his friends. It was fun, I learned a few tricks but I told the guys they can’t beat this mommy as far as the kitchen spot is concern. So I went ahead and made some snacks for the hungry growing boys.

I like being around teens. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why I feel young, think young. And when I like to be intellectually serious, I hang around with hubby and his friends.

Fighting the idea of aging is fighting the idea of boredom.
TK said…
I'm guessing I forgot your birthday again, pre? If it is Happy Birthday! If not, you just need to go for Lalita na lang.

When I'm in my 60's I dream of climbing the North Face of Eiger. In the dead of winter. My only regret is that since CL is more chronologically advanced than both of us, she just might beat us there.
Ronald Allan said…
CL: Ok, then that settles it. I'm dating younger women. :-D

TK: Nah, it isn't my birthday, won't be for at least a number of months. It just happens to be one of those days...:-)
snglguy said…
How do you think this 45 year old feel these days? At least you're in that age where you can still date younger women and not be called a DOM.

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