When will it all end?

It has been almost two weeks since PLDT downgraded my PLDT myDSL account (see previous post here). Unfortunately, from that time on, I've been receiving less than half the bandwidth I'm entitled to. The P999 monthly plan should give me 384 kbps of bandwidth. I'm only getting speeds in the 160-180 kbps range.

It's actually the same thing before, when I was still paying two grand a month. They should have been giving me 768 kbps then, I was only getting about half that bandwidth, somewhere in the 430-450 kbps range.

When will these people get their act together and just give me the bandwidth that I'm paying for? I called their customer service number and complained about the low bandwidth allocation two days ago, and up to now I'm still browsing and downloading at such low speeds.

I'm getting tired of PLDT screwing me around. I only hope they fix this before I do something drastic. Like going back to dial-up. :-)

Suffice it to say, that I'm not a happy customer.


jhay said…
My next door neighbor has the same complaints. He signed up to the P999 monthly plan and he's getting the same bandwidth speeds you've mentioned. But he hasn't called customer service yet, he says it's better than slaving over his 40kbps speed on dial-up.

He has a point but it is just right that we should get the described bandwidth speed we signed up to pay for. Then again, we're just ordinary consumers, I heard there's a bias for business costumers like pc shop owners, they just give customer service a phone call, and it gets fixed right after a day or two.

But seriously, you're going back to dial-up? ;)
Ronald Allan said…
Well, maybe not back to dial-up...;-) Maybe another provider if I get pissed enough. :-)

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