C’est la vie....

Do you sometimes get caught up over past events, wishing you did or didn't do something?

Haven't you regretted taking one course of action, when another course could have steered your life into something better?

Don't you sometimes feel like kicking yourself over a mishandled situation a long time ago?

Have you ever considered that things would be a lot different, if you did something differently in your past?

I do.

Not all the time though. Sometimes I have this flash of insight over some past event...and I end of shaking my head in dismay when I realize how wrong I was then...

Do you still call it "insight" when it's too late to do anything about it?

Fast forward several years, and here I am now, paying the price for my past actions.

On the other hand, I could be reaping the rewards of right decisions I made long ago.

Things could be worse.

But we'll never know now, will we?


Well at least these thoughts come and go.

When they disappear I forget about the past and go back to living in the present.

Then one day, it hits me...again.

And I think about it all over...again.

It's a vicious cycle.

What can I say? That's me.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could reset your life the same way you can do on a computer?

If you could, would you?

Me? I don't know.

Maybe. Maybe not.

We live and learn...

As if we had other options.

We pick ourselves up, and continue our way.

That's life.

C’est la vie.


snglguy said…
All the time, ron. All the time...

Is it any wonder why I hate my life now?
TK said…
maybe NOT???

mon cul.
Ronald Allan said…
Guy: I guess that's why you like the adage that reality bites, and that life sucks. :-) It can't be that bad though. Lemme buy you a drink. :-)

TK: I guess there are just certain things that we will probably do the same way even if we have a chance to undo them.

Of course, we think about those choices still...
rain said…
each waking moment doesn't mean as a 'just another day' but a new life...so, today, forget the past and live a brand new lifetime...Ciao!
I think it's called hindsight. *sigh*
Ronald Allan said…
Rain: It's easier to say that when you're young, when there aren't that many regrets yet...try doing that when you're my age. :-)

Nonetheless, it makes pretty sound advice. :-)

Cat: Isa ka pa. Hahaha. :-)

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