Debbie Gibson poses in Playboy....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comRemember Debbie Gibson? She was a pop phenomenon in the late 80's with two top ten albums, Out Of the Blue and Electric Youth. These albums produced a number of hits including Only In My Dreams, Foolish Beat, Shake Your Love, Electric Youth, and Lost In Your Eyes.

By the early 90's her popularity had significantly waned. She made a few more albums, which were only mildly successful, appeared on a production of Les Miserables, and changed her name to "Deborah" in order to project a more mature, more adult, image. Despite her best efforts, she never did reach the level of success and popularity that she easily attained with her earlier work.

She recently posed nude in the March issue of Playboy magazine which hit the stands last February 11. The pictorial also coincided with the release of her new single Naked. Will she be able climb her way back to stardom? Would posing nude in Playboy jumpstart her career? We'll just have to wait and see.

You can read her Playboy interview here.

To see some of her Playboy photos, click here. I've hosted the pictures on Ripway, which unfortunately has a bandwidth limitation of 10 MB per day, so first come, first served.

If anyone has scanned images of the rest of her Playboy pictures and would like to share them, you can email them to me at Thanks.

Here's a small sample. I'd rather this blog remain PG-13, so don't expect me to post more revealing shots. :-)

Image hosted by

Update: My Ripway account has unfortunately expired, so the above link is dead. I'll be transferring the pictures to another host, and will be updating the link soon.

New Update: You can download a Zip file containing the pictures here.


Starfleet Command said…
Posting a picture of a nude member of the female species is a conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman of starfleet. Your license as an unofficial geek shall be revoked... Unless you can explain the fibonacci numbers inherent in debbie gibson's nubile and mouth watering body. Yumyum.
Anonymous said…
Do You have asian Playboy fotos ?
If You have please answer ,

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