If in my deep slumber

I would awaken,

And find my world

And life’s dreams

To be forsaken,

Let me hold onto my credence

Of someday I’ll find you home.

Back to where my heart is longing,

Ease my heart that’s breaking,

Stop the tears falling,

And come back home.

If by chance we meet

And you see that I am confused,

Put a stop to my confusion

And carry me home.

Destiny’s already woven

We’ve got to keep believing

That ours are interwoven,

That’s all I could do to

Keep apart from you,

Hoping someday

Love would see us through.

Though troubles and despairs may

Be cast upon our ways, but

God would see us through.

Home, will be the place in my heart

Where you’ll stay for a lifetime,

I’ll wait for you in the meantime

When the time would be right

For us to decide

What’s next in line.

Just remember that –

I will always love you,

For my home is your heart…

and yours is in mine.

- Lynae


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