Too sensitive for my own good?

Am I?

Too sensitive for my own good?

Maybe I am, and I just haven't realized it.

Maybe I kept to myself for so long now, that I've forgotten how to take other people's thoughts and actions in stride;

Maybe I've always distanced myself from everyone else, and now I'm not sure how to be close to anyone anymore;

Maybe I've been doing things my own way for the longest time now, and I'm no longer used to people telling me I'm doing the wrong thing, or telling me to do something else;

Maybe I've been so full of myself for years, that I filled up the space meant for other people with my own self-loathing;

Maybe I've been so cynical about other people that I find it difficult adjusting to the concept that there are some people who actually care about me without wanting anything from me;

Maybe I've been so preoccupied with giving that I don't know how to receive anymore;

Maybe I've finally turned into an antisocial paranoiac.

Maybe I'm already dead...but I just don't know it.

That's a lot of maybes...


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