Getting the job done....

We were supposed to be hosting a important consultative seminar workshop today in one of Manila's finer hotels. Unfortunately, the powers that be have opted to withhold one of those indispensable signatures, the John Hancock that's supposed to authorize everything and set the wheels in motion. So its a no go.

While I couldn't really care less about all of the inefficiencies of my workplace (I have gotten so used to them), it still annoys me how a crucial activity being prepared for weeks in advance gets the carpet pulled from under it during the eleventh hour for one of the weirdest of reasons. The activity supposedly violates a draft guideline. Let me repeat it. Draft. The dang thing ain't even in effect yet, yet it was specifically cited as a reason for disapproving the activity. It goes without saying that the activity complies with all existing rules and regulations, and it was shot down because it disagreed with a rule that is still on the drawing board.

Maybe Scott Adams of Dilbert fame should draw a cartoon about this situation, that is, if he hasn't drawn one yet.

Well, some people tend to more concerned about the details rather than the end result. Unfortunately, doing the job right does not necessarily equate to the job being done. And you can quote me on that. No, wait, I'll spare you the trouble:

"Some people are more concerned about doing the job right rather then getting it done. Unfortunately, doing the job right does not necessarily always get the job done."

- Ronald Allan

Think it will catch on? :-)


Happy birthday to Teacher Sol, who's celebrating her birthday today! May you have more birthdays to come, and more blog entries to post! :-D

Visit Teacher Sol's blog here. :-)


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