The Missing Links....

My apologies if the links to my friends' blogs have "disappeared" lately. Apparently blogLinker has been on the fritz lately, and I'm not particularly sure when it will be up and running again.

This is the third time that a blog tool that I have been using on this blog has gone AWOL, first with Sideblog a couple of weeks ago, then with Photobucket just last week.

Well, hopefully blogLinker will be up and running soon. If not, I'm finding some other link tool or put back the links in manually.

Cheers! :-)


Renee said…
I didn't even know there was actually a tool to link other blogs! I've had to enter all my links manually since the beginning. Then again, I guess it's just as well, considering the glitch you just encountered. (Is this the "Blogrolling" thing I usually see in sidebars?)

BTW, I mentioned you in my Father's Day post, which came a bit late because we had to deal with three kids, all with ear infections, over the weekend.
Ronald Allan said…
Yeah, there is. :-) Bloglinker is one (thought its not working right lately) and Blogrolling is another (though I can't seem to figure out how to use it.)

Bloglinker is very easy to use, but the down side is if the server is down, the links are not displayed. Hopefully it will be back up soon. Manually editing your link list on your template can be quite a chore. :-)

Thanks for the mention, Renee. :-) BTW, happy father's day to your loving husband. :-)

Sorry to hear about the ear infection. Reminds me of Bing's post on taking care of one's ears. :-)

Cheers. :-)
Naomi said…
walain mo na lahat, WAG lang yung link nung saken!!!!!!!
(o diba, exclamation pointsssss)

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