My kid and the net....

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Last night was the only real time that my kid actually surfed the internet. I first taught him how to do that a couple of years ago, but at the time he could never seem to muster up the patience to wait for a page to load. Can you blame him? I hardly had any patience myself then. Web pages geared towards children tend to be graphics heavy, and it was just too much for a measly 56K modem. His reading skills were also a bit limited at the time.

But that was then.

It has only been a couple of months since I went up to DSL (see my previous post here) and I thought I reintroduce my son to the World Wide Web. To my surprise, my son took to surfing the net like a duck to water. He used the mouse like an expert, even using the mousewheel and built in back button. He hardly had any difficulty reading, except for the occasional big word, unlike before. Of course, he was also very slow in typing in an address, but that's to be expected. When I told him that virtually anything that he wants to know about can be found on the internet, his eyes widened and he shot off a list of things he wanted to look for.

I left him in front of the computer for about a half hour, and he managed to visit a fair number of sites which apparently caught his fancy. I checked the browser's history, and here are the sites that he visited:

Official Yu-Gi-Oh! King of Games Web Site
Cartoon Network
Astronomy For Kids -
Star Wars

Ah, kids these days. :-)

I guess that means that he will be cutting into my computer time as well. :-) That's ok, I only hope he doesn't turn out to a nerd like his Dad. :-)


Naomi said…
reading this, broke me in tears.
can't wait to see my kids surf the net one day... with me.
Renee said…
My son, Lance, who's five, loves to check the weather online. He clicks on different places on the map and reads out the forecast for that city, including highs and lows.

Troy, my three-year-old loves to click on the keyboard. I have taught him to spell his name, Lorenzo Sereno, which is quite long for a three-year-old to type, but he manages to focus long enough to do this.

And if your son turns out to be just like you, he'll be all the more blessed for it.

(p.s. My apologies for preempting Father's Day by no less than FOURTEEN days. Good thing Punzi sounded the alarm. I was already poised to publish my Father's Day post. Pinagpuyatan ko pa naman.

I'm blaming my husband's ex-wife for this. She uncharacteristically let my stepson join us this weekend. Sa sobrang tuwa ko, akala ko tuloy Father's Day yung reason. Guess I assumed wrong.

Hope I didn't cause any confusion on your part! (Sorry if I did.)
evi said…
It is but common for parents to be proud of their kids.

I have a similar post and I entitled it "The Era of the Young Computer Wizards".
Ronald Allan said…
Thanks Naoms, Renee, Evi! I guess we really are starting them young, um? :-)

Evi - I think I missed that one. I checked your April archive, and found it. Posted a comment myself. :-)

Renee - I have to admit, I was kinda wondering if it really was Father's day. I think there was a time when the Philippines and the United States celebrated Father's and Mother's day on different dates...or was there?

Either way, even if it was 14 days advance, thanks for the greeting. :-) Yeah. ex-wives can be like that. :-)
lws said…
daan lang .wow bilihan mo na rin baby mo ng pc niya para sabay kayo kung pwede kaya?hehehe
Ronald Allan said…
Hay naku malapit na. :-)

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