An afternoon with my son....

My son and I usually spend Sunday afternoons together doing stuff, just before he heads on out home to his mom. Last Sunday was no different. After lunch we saw the movie Fantastic Four (see my post on the movie here). After which he got a haircut, then we went book hunting.

Sometimes I think about whether I'm boring my son or not. When he was younger, we went to virtually all the amusement parks, all the malls, museums (Museo Pambata is his favorite), zoos (the Manila and Malabon Zoos), and various parks (like the Quezon Memorial Circle or the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center). Nowadays we don't seem to be visiting such places as often as we used to, though we get to visit the occassional fair or convention when the theme is about something we both like, like toys or cartoons.

Well, maybe my son is growing up. Nowadays he'd rather play with his cousins then go with Dad someplace. Or maybe we already went everywhere, and there's hardly any other new place to go. I guess I should be more creative thinking of things we can do together.

I shouldn't be too worried, I suppose. He seems to enjoy himself whatever we do, or whereever we go. And I guess that's all that matters. Here are some snapshots of our last Sunday afternoon:

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Getting a haircut.

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My son is fascinated by scary ghost stories.

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All smiles with the latest volume of True Philippine Ghost Stories for his collection.

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Going home.


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