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I found this here. A very comprehensive categorization of the different kinds of Pinoy bloggers. Which one are you? :-)

Nowadays, numbers of filipino bloggers are beginning to rise.It is now included as one of the new hobbies of some filipinos who loves to roam in the cyber world.

Being one of those bloggers for almost a year, I have witnessed how filipino's fabricate their web blog site and way of expression .Below are several kinds of filipino bloggers:

Trivia Blog-Tic. This kind of blogger can be easily recognize. You can simply call this person a "reporter".This person's blog contains news, featured links, new personal interest and other latest trends.

Photo Addict. Obviously, this blogger loves to take pictures of anything that caught his interest. Then he would post this picture to his blog and would give few descriptions, and brief analysis of the said picture.

The Versifier and Quiz-Taker. Someone who post favorite lines from movies, books and other famous quotes and the one takes the never ending personality quizzes.

The Blog-Poet. Unfathomable. This person's thoughts were presented in a profound way which contains marginal meanings that are hidden behind. Most of the time, the author of this blog is the only one who can comprehend his own post.

Expressive Poster. One characteristic of this blogger is emotional. He or she can express well his/her thoughts. The output of this person's blog usually speaks more of personal sentiments and opinions.

The Radical. Another favorite character of a Filipino is to be a detractor and he or she is not afraid to speak it out freely. This person's blog are surrounded by negative energy of criticism, personal thoughts and other rebel thoughts regarding a certain subject.

There you go. Were you able to find which of those categories you are belong?

I guess it would seem that I fall under all of these categories, depending on my mood. What do you think? :-)

Article by Liz Buenaflor. Reposted from New


rain said…
ako all of the above, but dominantly the emotional blogger category!haha
Ronald Allan said…
I haven't seen you spill out yet e. :-)

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