Blogger's block....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've been feeling kinda down the past couple of days. It's no surprise really, considering that I have always been the broody type. Perhaps it's due to a mixture of stress, boredom, bad news, the vacillating weather, and other negativities which have been gnawing at my leg lately.

I've also reached a "blogger's block" of sorts. I somehow can't think of anything worth blogging about. Politics? I've done that to death so many times already. While Philippine politics happen to be one of my interests, I've gotten tired of it lately. Seems like we've been going around in circles. A new witness surfaces, gives testimony, then retracts. I don't know about you, but I think I've had my fill of these controversies, at least for now. Maybe later.

Personal experiences then? Haven't had any blog-worthy experiences lately. Things have been quite routine the past couple of days. Of course, it's safe and secure being stuck in a routine, but it can be tediously boring. While I've come across certain topics in the course of dealing with my friends and colleagues which would nice to blog about, unfortunately the semi-public nature of my blog (this blog tends to be frequented by my friends and colleagues), means that I have to defer blogging about those subjects, at least until the "heat" has passed.

How about technology? Gadgets, gizmos, games? Done that a number of times in my blog. These topics seem to have a limited audience though. Not many dyed-in-the-wool techies out there it seems, well, at least within immediate reach of my blog. I've always wanted to host a discussion group about the latest trends in PC hardware, such as CPUs, video cards, motherboards, etc. I haven't bumped into many bloggers as interested about this stuff as I am, so I guess I'll have to put this idea on hold for now.

I've also blogged a lot about music in my past entries. From old songs to new, music videos, chords and bass lines. I haven't found time to practice my guitar playing lately. For the moment it seems that I've lost interest. I need another topic to freshen up this blog.

How about movies? I would if I could, I just haven't any seen any new movies lately. I still have a huge stack of unwatched DVDs. Maybe one of these days. :-)

History then. Or trivia. Oh, I'm just not in the mood. Dang.

I thought about blogging about art again. I haven't posted an art-related entry in months now. I probably should. I already have this painting in mind. Just watch this space, I'll be putting up that post real soon.

I guess that's it then. I'm just typing my very thoughts at this moment, lo and behold, I already have this blog entry for today. :-) Any ideas about something you'd like me to post an entry about in the future? No topic is too silly, or too serious. If I can write about it, I will. Suggestions? Requests? Just let me know. :-)


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