My 15 most read posts for the year....

According to my small army of various counters, the following represent my most read posts for the year 2005 (based solely on the number of hits).

Counting down from number 15:

15. Having faith in people.... (posted February 19)

A short essay on the difficulties of having too high a moral standard for my own good.

14. Lakeside serenity.... (posted March 13)

My favorite photograph of my son.

13. The Alchemist (posted February 7)

My review of the Paul Coelho bestseller.

12. Tech poseurs.... (posted November 5)

My rant against those who pretend to be techies just to be "in".

11. Unaware of your angel.... (posted November 11)

A posted forwarded email which led to accusations of plagiarism.

10. On marriage, spouses, anullment and divorce.... (posted November 25)

The title speaks for itself.

9. Evolutionism versus creationism.... (posted November 10)

The two origin theories face off.

8. Dissecting the double standard.... (posted December 6)

The differences between men and women.

7. Music plagiarism.... (posted November 26)

My take on the controversial Pinoy Big Brother theme.

6. Allah or Jesus? (posted November 3)

A forwarded email which turned out to be more controversial than I thought.

5. The Bible is wrong! (duh....) (posted October 23)

The Church has admitted that the Bible is not totally accurate. Now they tell us.

4. (tie) Debbie Gibson poses nude in Playboy.... (posted March 29); Tiffany's Playboy pictorial.... (posted August 26)

What can I say? I posted pictures of nude celebrities a couple of times, and the hits just pour in. No, they didn't exactly score the same number of hits, but I feel that they are equally popular enough to get the same standing.

3. Stolen identities.... (posted November 11)

About the theft of identities in the blogosphere.

2. The fight against tabloid blogging.... (posted October 3)

About those who mix sensationalism and crassitude with blogging, just to generate hits. And lastly, my most popular post for the year...

1. Peddling snake oil - the Khaos Super Turbocharger.... (posted April 27)

My analysis of the popular yet controversial gas saving device.

Interestingly enough, it would seem that this blog only hit its stride with regard to the number of visitors during the last few months of this year. I guess that explains the high ranking of some posts which have been up only a few months.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited this blog the past year. I can only hope that your visit was worthwhile. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next year. :-)

Happy New Year everyone! And may you all have a great 2006. :-)


Keep up the interesting posts ron. :D

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