My condolences to Gitch, a friend and colleague, whose mother passed away last night.


LadyWhiteSpirit said…
condolence sa friend mo ha..kakalungkot naman kakatapos lang ng mother's day...mahirap talaga mawalan ng nanay di ba?ako ayoko isipin kasi iniisip ko pa lang nasasaktran na ako...totoo grabeh i love my mom very much...kaya lagi ko pray life niya....
nao said…


pls change the password as soon as u get in the site pabs. pls erase all the blinkies and every trace of me there ok.

it's paid na for one year, $50 canadian dollars. Please handle it with care, it's a gift of friendship..

just remember, that in the golden chain of friendship.. regard me as a "link".

i am creating a new blogsite now.

take care,

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