Xbox 360

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Microsoft's new Xbox 360.

Here's some news for all you console gamers out there. Last May 12, Microsoft unveiled on MTV the successor to its popular Xbox console: the Xbox 360.

It sports an IBM PowerPC-based CPU with three symmetrical cores running at 3.2GHz, 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM, a customized ATI graphics processor running at 500 MHz with 10 MB of embedded DRAM, a 20 GB detachable and upgradeable hard drive, and a 12x dual layer DVD-ROM drive which can read virtually any currently existing DVD format there is out there.

There's no word yet, whether the Xbox 360 is backward compatible with existing Xbox games. You can view the official fact sheet which contains the full technical specifications as well as details on its improved sound capabilities and new wireless controllers here.

With Microsoft first out of the gate with the release of a next-generation console, and with the upcoming release as well of the much anticipated and much hyped PlayStation 3, what will happen in the next round of the console wars? Well, it's definitely too early to tell, but one thing's for sure. Gamers everywhere never had it better.

Check out the table below to see how far we've come in so short a time:

Quick Video Game Console Comparison
ConsoleCPUMemoryVideoHard DriveOptical Drive
Microsoft Xbox 3603.2 GHz IBM PowerPC based512 MB GDDR3500 MHz Custom ATI (10 MB embedded DRAM)20 GB12x DL DVD-ROM
Microsoft Xbox733 MHz Intel Custom Pentium III64 MB DDR SDRAM250 MHz Custom NVIDIA (NV2x)8 GB5x DVD-9 DVD-ROM
Nintendo GameCube485 MHz IBM PowerPC "Gekko"24 MB 1T-SRAM162 MHz Custom ATI "Flipper" (2 MB embedded DRAM)none3" proprietary optical disc drive
Sony PlayStation 2300 MHz MIPS-IV Subset "Emotion Engine"32 MB RAMBUS DRAM147.456 MHz Graphics Synthesizer (4 MB embedded VRAM)Optional 40 GB4x DVD-5 DVD-ROM
Sega Dreamcast200 MHz Hitachi SH-416 MB SDRAMNEC/Videologic PowerVR2DC (8 MB dedicated RAM)none12x proprietary GD-ROM
Sony PlayStation33.8688 MHz R3000A 32-bit RISC2 MB RAM3D Geometry Engine (1 MB dedicated VRAM)none2x CD-ROM


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