Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat

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The other week Ning gave me a reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat. She used to hang it on the wall by her desk, and later on she decided to take it down and set it aside. She felt like getting rid of it, finding it to be a tad "too creepy" for her tastes. Never being one to turn down a free work of art, I was more than happy to take it off her hands. I guess I have this thing about "creepy" works of art.

This particular self-portrait was made in 1887, or three years before Van Gogh's death. It clearly shows his dwindling health at the time, and the sullen gaze from eyes of different colors begs us for help at the same time pushes us away. The eyes also project the illusion of following you, no matter what angle you view the painting from. No wonder Ning found it creepy.

The painting itself is rendered in an impressionist style, with creative use of color to create vivid contrasts. The paint is also applied in changing directions to project different forms and textures in the face.

It may be creepy to some, but I guess I, more than most, can easily relate to the somber nature of this painting.

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Thanks for the painting, Ning.


nao said…
ohh, sheeeeeet! akin na lang yaaaan!

I have my own Vincent's original work of art: "Starry Night" in year 1889 , which i brought from Finland 2 years ago (3,000 Euro Money) Paiyakan ko pang hinulugan sa credit card ko yon.

My old friend Marlyn drooled over his paintings and taught me alot of his works, especially his song "Vincent" by Don McLean.

To me, there is nothing more boring nor creepy on Vincent's works coz I am a portrait maverick myself. That one that i have is a pride. But what u have in posession right now is PRICELESS. (haay, amigang Ning.. bat mo binigay ke Ronald yan??? Grrrr!)

well, in addition to your post..
Vincent's last hours are much like the last two years of his life--varying from complete mental anguish to seeming contentment. After attempting suicide, Vincent spends the little time he has left sitting up in bed and smoking a pipe.

Vincent dies early the next morning on 29 July 1890. The funeral takes place shortly thereafter and his coffin is covered with dozens of sunflowers, which he loved so much. (That's why sunflower portraits and pictures became known to many these days.)

He made this painting--->(Vase with Twelve Sunflowers-Arles: August, 1888)

Ito sana bibilhin ko, MAS mahal baka mamulubi nako. The one that u have in possesion right now is 12,000 euro money (yung original ha!)

well, sana nagpa-auction muna si amigang Ning pala ano! Kumita pa sana sya! ahahahahaha!

well.. now i believe na tama pala ang kasabihang.. "a garbage to some, is a treasure to many!"

take care pabs. I'z inspired by your post, shet na malagket!
Ronald Allan said…
Thanks Nao. :-) I have to admit that I have always been fascinated with Van Gogh, probably more so because of the apparently wretched life he lived. One would hardly expect to see genius in such a dour and dismal individual...but we see it in spades in all his works.

Unfortunately, am not as rich as you, or as discerning. Hahahahaha :-) Reproductions suit me just fine...and I probably wouldn't be able to give an original painting (assuming I owned one) the respect it deserves.

You can take it up with Ning, if you haven't already. :-)

Yup. Truly, "One man's garbage is another man's treasure." :-) One of these days I'll feature one of Van Gogh's other works here. :-)

Take care Naoms. :-)
RianE said…
hi amiga nao!! kung andito ka sana sa 'pinas, e di sa 'yo ko binigay....actually last year ko pa gusto ibigay yan, si ronald lang ang nagka-interest nung sinabi ko sa're lucky ronald!!! ingatan mo yang painting!!

well nao, just text you pag may precious reproduction paintings pa ko..! O mahilig ka din ba sa cross stitch...may mga ginawa ko na naka-frame na..! take care!!!
nao said…
gusto ko rin ang painting!!!
uy, kelangan itago mo yan amigzzz ha! pag uwi ko susugurin ko si ronald sa bahay nila para pasama ko papunta senyo! wow! excited naman ako bigla.. save some of your works for me ok!

love ko talaga tong amiga ko na to eh!
nao said…
love crosstich(es) too! save some for me okieeees! take care..
Renee said…
Hi Ronallan! Thanks for visiting "The Prada Mama Chronicles" and leaving me a tag.

I lived in the Netherlands for a year and one of my favorite places to go to was the Van Gogh Museum, which I actually preferred over the (much)older/stuffier Rijksmuseum.

The bus stops back then had HUGE posters advertising the Van Gogh Museum. I bought one of them but unfortunately, it remained with my ex-husband after our divorce.

Oh well, I'll just have to make sure to go back there with my present husband in tow! :D
Ronald Allan said…
I envy you. :-) One of my dreams is to visit famous art galleries all over the world and see these masterpieces for myself. :-) Someday, I hope. :-)

Thanks for visiting Renee...:-)
attyemcampos said…
hokey hokey, eto biglang pumasok sa kapirasong utak ko. Nag suicide si Van Gogh kasi habang ginagawa nya ang self portrait nya, na realize nya na parang dinaanan ng brush strokes ang kutis nya, nyaknyaknyak. Haaaaaaaay, I'm bored.
Ronald Allan said…
Yeah you are. Balik ka raw kwento ni Ning. It seems the Tan news was a false alarm.

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