One word....

Got a forwarded text message this morning from an officemate of mine. This is what it said:

Describe me in 1word. Just one! Send it to me then send this msg to 10friends n see how many wonderful n strange things people think about you! Text back. It's fun!

Well, I had nothing better to do, so I replied, then forwarded the message myself to my other friends. These were the replies I got, in the order they replied in:

  • Monik sent in "funny."

  • Annie sent in "kulit."

  • Argie sent in "surreal."

  • Ohmyluv sent in "rare." (?)

  • Xtnag sent in "big brother." (Di ba two words yun?)

  • Ning sent in "genius" then followed it up with "sweet" (Two words din yun a!)

  • Marinet sent in "conservative."

  • May sent in "weird" then followed it up with "smart." (Pero Globe ako e...)

  • Shine sent in "funny" then "intelligent."

  • Imelda sent in "intense." (Bakit kaya?) and lastly...

  • Nadine sent in "nutcase."

I have to admit Nadine's word is my favorite. :-)


Anonymous said…
bakit sa mga girls ka lang nagsend?
attyemcampos said…
kasi kung sa aming mga lalake sya nag send, ang isasagot namin ay "dude, bading ka ba?"
Ronald Allan said…
obats u man! hahahahaha

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