Government to emphasize outsourcing for IT needs....

As of late, it would seem that it is more cost-effective for the government to rely on private companies for systems and website development rather than develop them in-house or rely on the assistance of the National Computer Center (NCC). This is an implicit admission on the government's part that IT is apparently not one of its core competencies, and that it is an expertise best left to the private sector.

The NCC, in fact, will be phasing out over a period of two to three years its division tasked with the provision of software programming and website development for all government agencies.

I guess it is inevitable that this trend will soon be spreading to other government agencies as well. Programmers and web developers currently employed by the government would probably have to choose between transferring to the private sector or being retrained as project managers.

Again, another possible sign of things to come.

I can relate, because I used to work in our office's IT department. About three years ago, I made the transition to project management and corporate reengineering. Though it was a management decision, and not mine, it was a change I did not resist and in fact embraced, for several reasons. IT as a profession in general has become highly competetive, and as far as my place of work is concerned, IT has also become saddled with professional and occupational constraints and limitations, and very few advancement opportunities, if any.

At first I thought my transition from one field to another was a one-off situation. It turns out to be an emerging trend. Again, we can only wait and see what happens.

Check out this article on the May 30th edition of BusinessWorld.


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