Common Interests....

Not so long ago I got to meet a fellow blogger named Aion in a get-together of sorts sponsored by Nao, another fellow blogger. One peek at his blog at you will no doubt arrive at the unmistakeable conclusion that this guy is really into mecha, specifically Gundam. He is such a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Gundam that apparently one of his hobbies is assembling Gundam model kits.

Well, while I may not share his devotion, patience or meticulous attention to detail when it comes to assembling Gundam models, I do share his enthusiasm for the genre as well as his fascination with the models. In fact, I have a limited collection myself of Gundam mecha, mostly bought already assembled, as well as smaller-scale action figure type models, which my son really likes to play with. :-)

Here are some pictures:

Image hosted by
My collection of Gundam mecha.

Image hosted by
The large one is a W-Gundam Zero Custom.

Image hosted by
This one is a Wing Gundam.

Image hosted by
Incidentally, I also collect Dragon Ball Z figurines.

Image hosted by
And 1/32 miniature automobiles. I must have more than 50 of these scattered all around my study. :-)

I just have to say that it is indeed a pleasure to get to know someone with somewhat similar interests...and believes that toys aren't just for kids. :-) Nice to have met you pal. :-)


Yax said…
i'm sure aion will be happy to see this... ;)

nice collection btw!
Ronald Allan said…
Thanks Yax! Nice of you to drop by. :-)
Punzi said…
Sayang I could not attend that one though I was supposed to. We could have finally met rin...
Ronald Allan said…
Oo nga e. But I'm sure there will be a next time...:-)

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