Toy Convention....

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Last Sunday my son and I found ourselves at the 4th Annual Toys, Hobbies & Collectibles Convention at Megatrade Hall 3 at SM Megamall. I guess you can say that being there was a toy lover and collector's dream, with all the collectible and hard to find toys being sold.

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Action figures of all sorts, intricately detailed scale models, hard to find toys, and toys from decades ago were on exhibit, and offered for sale. Its a shame (or perhaps a good thing) that I couldn't afford to splurge on toys. Otherwise I would have bought everything in sight. Yeah, I'm a grown man, but it would seem that I have never really gotten over my love for toys, and I even have a bit of a collection myself. Its also something that my son and I enjoy doing together, as he also shares my love of toys, which, considering his age, is probably no surprise. :-)

We didn't really get to buy anything (some of those buggers cost an arm and a leg), but we had fun just looking at all of the exhibits. Here's a a picture of my son fooling around with a scale model of the parasite from the movie Alien:

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