If you don't Naomi by now....

Since it is Nao's birthday, I doubt it if she would mind if I dig up a memory or two of her from the time we were still in college. :-) And besides, I think its about time I got some payback for the time she posted an entry on her blog extolling my "imaginary" virtues. :-)

Nao and I used to work together on the official school organ of Arellano University, known as the Arellano University Standard (AUS). I was an Associate Editor at the time, and she was our resident Feature Editor. Even at that time she definitely had a knack for feature writing, and her skill with words is still evident in the elegant simplicity and readability of her blog entries. That was something I was never really good at. I always ended up complicating my writings. :-)

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At the time I was enrolled at the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Political Science (a dead end course, in retrospect :-)), she was enrolled in the College of Nursing. She had her share of notoriety at the time, as I'm sure she would remember. And there were times that she had more than her fair share of bad publicity, but I suppose that goes with the territory of being a free spirit and of never being afraid to say what's on her mind. That's her alright. :-)

As a person, she can either be your best friend or worst enemy...sometimes even both. :-) If you're her friend, lucky you. You have a friend for life. If she's your enemy...well, don't say I didn't warn you. :-) We've been through a lot I guess, all things being considered, and there was even a time that I met her family under less than ideal conditions. I wonder if she still remembers that.

But things always have a funny way of working out, and apparently she has already found her place in this world, and for that, I am very happy for her. Its not often that someone actually gets to fulfill his or her dreams. And she did. She really did.

Life's never a bore whenever she's in the picture, and the best evidence of this for those of you who only got to know her online is the recent get-together of fellow bloggers she single-handedly thought of and even sponsored. Yeah. That's her. As further proof, here's a short profile of her published in the school paper during our run:

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I don't actually remember if I was the one who wrote this profile, or if it was someone else. But I couldn't have written it any better myself. :-)

Happy birthday Nao. I'm glad to have you as a friend. :-)


Naomi said…
Obviously, being surrounded by some great AUS staffers back made me so happy and gay. Di ba nga, andami nating funtimes kahit papano before? Those were truly important to my mood. God, those were the days, our younger years. Parang kelan lang ano Pabs?

Kala ko nawala ka na sa limelight eh. You don't even bother to visit my blog anymore na kasi [*tampo konti*] Inaabangan ko nga ang mga time na magko-comment ka sa mga entries ko. Hay naku, miss kita noh! Kayo ni Darlene. Honestly I do. Really.

Thanks so much for this entry Pabs. I never expected this one. But now, coming from you, I became more confident to write than before. Thanks thanks. See you soonest ok. Kisses to Aron. Take care and God bless. Thanks again.

WOuld you mind if I post this to my blog too? Mas marami kasing sumisilip don eh! heheeheh..
Ronald Allan said…
No problem...it is yours...:-)

Besides, I never really liked the attention. :-)
bing said…
hi Ron...

sweet, ah.. but expressed truthfully and from the heart.

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